Education Flow for New Disciples

Welcome to the suggested education flow for new disciples. Below you will find suggested materials and time frames to help in your continuing discipleship and learning to obey everything that Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:19).  The suggestions are for both new disciples or older disciples who have never gone through this material before.  We think you will find all of the resources challenging but also very doable and refreshing.


Please note that we recognize that each person is different and does things at their own pace. Some will want to go through the material faster, some will want to go through slower, and some will want to go through much slower.  We encourage you to use this as a guide but, above all, to go at your own pace so that you get the most out of the material and without feeling any pressure to have to keep up to a certain expectation.  If you need some assistance or to customize the material to better suit your needs don't hesitate to ask.

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